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The investment management philosophy of IQ Trends Private Client Asset Management (Private Client) is based on the investment concepts illustrated throughout the Investment Quality Trends newsletter, which are based on an original interpretation of the Dividend-Yield Theory, form the basis of the Dividend-Value Strategy.

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Attend The MoneyShow Las Vegas-free and receive practical education, expert trading strategies, and 150+ stock, ETF and fund picks from leading financial experts! From May 14-16, you’ll meet and learn over 100 top money experts such as Steve Forbes, John Buckingham, Marilyn Cohen, Mike Larson, Louis Navellier, James Stack, Carly Garner, and many more! In addition to the 200+ workshops, inside the Interactive Exhibit Hall you’ll find new tools, products, and ideas to help you improve your overall performance. And don’t miss our special events Women on Wealth, Demystifying Cryptocurrencies, The All-Stars of Options Trading, and The Cannabis Investing Symposium, just to name a few. [Learn more]

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How To Know Which High-Quality Stocks Represent Good Value

Since 1966 Investment Quality Trends has provided investors the research, analysis and tools to identify high-quality, blue-chip stocks and to know when they offer good value. This is the information you need to make informed buy, sell and hold decisions about stocks for your portfolio.

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Investment Outlook

Competition, Conflict & Volatility All Normal

Understand that a properly functioning market doesn’t go up, or down, unimpeded, forever. Markets are comprised of human beings with nervous systems and emotions who think, feel and react differently. As such, market participants have competing objectives, which creates conflicts, that are expressed as volatility. The market needs competition. The market needs conflict. The market needs volatility. If all market participants were on the same page at the same time there would be no competition, or conflict, or volatility, and therefore no risk. Without risk there would be no returns. Historically, the ability to understand and manage risk is what separated success from failure.

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The Hulbert 2017-2018 Investment Newsletter Honor Roll

The investment newsletters on the Hulbert 2017-18 Investment Newsletter Honor Roll are those that have produced above-average performance in both above and down markets.

Though this Honor Roll is not the only way of slicing and dicing our performance data, I do urge you to give it serious consideration. Newsletters that have been on past years’ Honor Rolls have, on average, proceeded to outperform other services that did not make the grade.

But I would urge you to pay close attention to the Honor Roll even if the newsletters on it didn’t end up outperforming those that do not. That’s because the “slow-and-steady” Honor Roll newsletters are least likely to be ones that you stop following at inopportune times. That’s important, since the key to long-term success is actually following a strategy through thick and thin. It doesn’t do you any good to follow an adviser with a good rating if you dump him when the markets move against you.

Newsletter Honor Roll

  • Up Market Grade:  96.51
  • Down Market Grade: 80.10
  • Annualized Gain Since April 2000:  +12.0%
  • Risk: 5.05
  • Sharpe Ratio Since April 2000: 0.19

30 Year Performance

Performance through 12/31/2017

Model Portfolio

  • Return:  11.98%
  • Risk Rating:  3.76
  • Sharpe Ratio: 0.20

Performance Since Inception

Performance through 12/31/2017

Model Portfolio

  • Tracking Began: December 1985
  • Gain: 11.79%
  • Risk Rating: 3.86
  • Sharpe Ratio:  0.19
  • Wilshire 5000 Gain:  10.62%
  • Wilshire 5000 Risk Rating:  4.35
  • Wilshire 5000 Sharpe Ratio:  0.16

Performance Since Inception

Performance through 12/31/2017

Lucky 13 Portfolio

  • Tracking Began: December 1999
  • Gain: 11.63%
  • Risk Rating: 3.77
  • Sharpe Ratio:  0.23
  • Wilshire 5000 Gain:  5.82%
  • Wilshire 5000 Risk Rating:  4.28
  • Wilshire 5000 Sharpe Ratio:  0.10

Performance Since Inception

Performance through 12/31/2017

The Timely Ten Portfolio

  • Tracking Began: August 2006
  • Gain: 10.26%
  • Risk Rating: 4.04
  • Sharpe Ratio:  0.21
  • Wilshire 5000 Gain:  8.97%
  • Wilshire 5000 Risk Rating:  4.26
  • Wilshire 5000 Sharpe Ratio:  0.17
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