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"The Bible for Value Investors."
"No one knows value like IQ Trends."

The Lucky 13

The Lucky 13 appears in the January issue of the newsletter and shows 13 stocks we think can outperform the market.

In short, The Lucky 13 has been extremely successful and not surprisingly, quite popular. While not every stock in each Lucky 13 portfolio has been a winner, there have been sufficient winners in each group to produce 17 years of positive total returns, twelve of which have exceeded 10%.

The Timely Ten

Whether you are looking to build a portfolio from scratch, are partially invested and looking to add new positions, or are fully invested and merely in need of some affirmation and hand holding, The Timely Ten presents our top ten recommendations as of each issue.

Short of utilizing the personal investment management services of our sister company, IQ Trends Private Client Asset Management, this is as close to real time as you can get.

Newsletter Performance

Performance data for the Investment Quality Trends model portfolio is compiled and maintained by the Hulbert Financial Digest, an independent third party.

The benchmark index for the Investment Quality Trends model portfolio is the Dow Jones Wilshire 5000 Total Market Index. Since 1986 the Investment Quality Trends model portfolio has demonstrated, on average, approximately 15% less risk than the Dow Jones Wilshire 5000 Total Market Index.

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About the Charts

In each issue, with the exception of the first of the quarter, IQ Trends publishes four of our proprietary charts. These charts range from new entries into the Service, new entries into the Undervalued category or modified Profiles of Dividend Yield, companies in the Timely Ten, or companies that exhibit characteristics that show promise.

As a value added benefit to our subscribers, IQ Trends now allows access our archive of proprietary charts. No longer will subscribers have to wait for their favorite company to fall into one of the above mentioned categories for its chart to be published.

Newsletter Performance


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