private client asset management

Private Client Asset Management

The investment management philosophy of IQ Trends Private Client Asset Management (Private Client) is based on the investment concepts illustrated throughout the Investment Quality Trends newsletter. These concepts, which are based on an original interpretation of the Dividend-Yield Theory, form the basis of the Dividend-Value Strategy.

How Does Private Client Differ From IQ Trends?

Investment Quality Trends as an investment tool is a very sharp arrow in your analytical quiver. As a newsletter though, its sole purpose is to provide a unique source of research and analysis to both the professional and private-investment communities to assist them in their investment considerations. Private Client, on the other hand, is a registered investment advisor that either creates and/or manages investment portfolios, or provides consulting services to an international base of clients that includes Foundations and Endowments, Pension and Benefit Plans, Trusts, and high net-worth individuals.

What Platforms/Services Are Offered Through Private Client?

Private Client offers both constantly supervised, discretionary investment management and non-discretionary investment consulting based on the investment philosophy and methods espoused in the Investment Quality Trends newsletter. There are two constantly supervised, discretionary investment management platforms: The Flagship Separate Account, and the Select Blue Chip FOLIO.

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Flagship Separate Account

The Flagship Separate Account is a traditional, customized, separate account managed on a discretionary basis. This account may be held at the custodian of your choice. There is a $1,000,000 minimum account size requirement for this platform and fees begin at 1.00% on the first $5,000,000, .75% on $5,000,001 to $10,000,000, and negotiable for accounts in excess of $10,000,000. The fees are billed quarterly in arrears.

Select Blue Chip FOLIO

The Select Blue Chip FOLIO is an actively managed model portfolio linked to an account with FOLIOfn Institutional. Once an account has been established and funded, the account is linked to the Private Client model portfolio. Whenever securities are added to, deducted from, or re-balanced in the Private Client model portfolio, buy and sell orders are automatically generated to sync the account to the Private Client model.

There is no minimum account requirement for the Select Blue Chip FOLIO. Total fees to the account are 75 basis points (.75%) per annum, billed monthly in arrears. The investment management fee paid to Private Client is 50 basis points (.50%). The fee to FOLIOfn Institutional for confirmations, statements, tax and performance- reporting and trading commissions is 25 basis points (.25%).

Consulting Services

The Private Client Consulting Service is a non-discretionary, investment-consulting service that provides portfolio advice and recommendations on securities that consist of individual stocks chosen from the Investment Quality Trends newsletter to both professional (institutional) and individual investors. The fee for the Consulting Service is $350 per hour with a one-hour minimum requirement. Based on the length and complexity of the engagement, fees are billed and due at the end of the consultation or monthly in arrears.

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